/New Review Feature!

New Review Feature!

Hello everybody, we at The Game Zone are thrilled to unveil a new feature on our main site we are calling Reviews.

Reviews are simple! For every game review you create, you will be awarded 100 forum points which can be redeemed at the TGZ shop. Reviews needed to be made can be found in the new “Requests” forum, though you can make one just because. Any review found to violate our review guidelines may be removed and points awarded for post may be revoked.

The only rules with this feature are as follows:
Post your honest opinion on the game you are reviewing
Use your best grammar and spelling in reviews
Watch your language (We will not be as forgiving here as we are in our forum)
Do your best not to double post
Please post your out of 5 star rating as well
Reviews MUST be original and in your own words (no plagiarism permitted!)

All other standard TGZ policies apply as well!

Have fun!