/LG G6: A phone worth talking about!

LG G6: A phone worth talking about!

The LG G6 is a phone released by Korean electronics manufacturer LG. Released in April 2017, the LG G6 has proved itself to be a great competitor of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Now let’s get into some of the specs under the hood of the LG G6.

Display: 5.7 in QHD Screen, Gorilla Glass,

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 821,

Memory: Storage 32/64/128 (MicroSD expandable up to 256GB), 4GB RAM

Camera: Dual 13MP rear cameras, 5MP front camera

Battery: Non-removable 3300mAh

Other Features: Fingerprint Reader, Sleek design, reversible USB-C plug, Built-in wireless charging


This phone is amazing in the way it is designed to work and LG certainly put a lot of effort in producing this phone, especially after last year’s release of the not as successful predecessor the LG G5. I would recommend giving this phone a try, as it will not let you down.

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